*A proprietary blend of all natural proteins, enzymes, amino acids, minerals and peptides.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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One to two drops in affected eye every four hours as needed.



Distilled Water

2 reviews for OCUTENZA

  1. Quinsi Newell

    I had sever Eye Irritation and redness the week prior to Christmas Day 2016. Using over the counter products like Visine and Clear Eye drops just provided temporary relief form the symptoms but did not decrease the Redness until I visited Urgent Care on January 1, 2017. I received two drops of Protenza and immediately the redness in an around my pupil receded. I could open both my eyes and used Dark Sunglasses to walk home in the California Sunshine without discomfort at all. This was impossible a week ago. I am no longer using over the counter eye drops, my eye is producing natural tears and feel my right eye is on the way to full recovery.

  2. George Magdaleno

    I have struggled with red, dry eyes from allergies forever, but today had a painful allergic reaction (chemosis) in my eye. I’ve tried everything for my eyes and had really given up hope that anything could make them feel and look better. Twenty minutes after dr. Van valin put some of this in my eyes, the allergic reaction had almost disappeared, and they were clearer than they’d been in years! Thank you for introducing me to this!!! Works so much better than all eye drops, including restasis, that I’ve used for the last ten years.

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