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EPH Technologies, Inc. (EPH) is a bioscience company with commercially-ready products targeting general cellular health. EPH has not outsourced any part of the research or development of XtremoplexTM (E3CP) Serum or the production of proprietary complex of amino acids, proteins and enzymes of which it is comprised. The only exceptions are packaging materials and equipment, and the necessary independent product toxicology testing and certification. EPH owns all product associated formulations, process control systems, software, hardware, firmware, course-ware, automation systems, flow control systems and associated intellectual property.

All of our products are based upon, or are derivatives of, XtremoplexTM, which is created in, and extracted from, EPH Bioreactors saturated with our proprietary combination of naturally-occurring microbes. The following is intended to provide an overview of XtremoplexTM and its proprietary production process. Also included are observations from our Chief Medical Officer, William Van Valin II, M.D., regarding conditions he has treated in his practice with the XtremoplexTM serum and/or EPH products incorporating XtremoplexTM as the unique, differentiating ingredient.

What is XtremoplexTM ? How is it made?

XtremoplexTM, the unique differentiating ingredient in all EPH products, is comprised non-exclusively of amino acids, proteins and enzymes.
The constituent enzymes are produced by microbes colonized in a proprietary technology referred to as the “
EPH Bioreactor”. EPis increasing the number of EPBioreactors to satisfy product demand.

The EPH Bioreactor contains a proprietary media near saturation levels with various species of microbes. Within the EPH Bioreactor, various microbes have varying roles in the XtremoplexTM production process. The process requires accurate temperature, oxygenation and hydration levels. It depends significantly on clean hydration. Carbon and nitrogen level management is also necessary. All of which occur utilizing the complex proprietary process control systems developed by EPH.

Bioreactors are sometimes compared to fermentation tanks for brewing beer or decomposition systems relying on various microbial species to support the various phases of these specific processes. This is true in the sense that microbes will do most of the work. Past that it is like comparing a Navy Seal team to a garbage collection company. Each person is important to get the specific job done but the skill set is considerably different.

The bioreactor initially extracts the primary molecular building blocks for the amine and carboxyl groups which must then combine into peptides which will subsequently combine to form into many and varied proteins.

The EPH Bioreactor is designed specifically to restrict overall molecule availability to Carbon (C), Oxygen (O), Nitrogen (N) and Hydrogen (H). Amino acids are formed from an amino group, a group comprised of C, O, N and/or H, and at least one carboxyl group. This inherently restricts production to beneficial, non-toxic amino acids. No toxic substances or toxic chemicals are used in or added to the process, nor are any toxins or toxic substances produced by the process. This is a clear distinction when comparing the EPH Bioreactor to other microbe activated systems. The specificity and accuracy with which the amino acid selection is achieved is important to applications that XtremoplexTM targets.The EPH Bioreactors employ a natural process by definition as there has been no genetic modification of any microbe or any organism in any part of any EPH process.

The XtremoplexTM product is retrieved from the bioreactor using proprietary extraction and filtration processes without compromise to microbes or the bioreactor environment. Reverse engineering the process using the XtremoplexTM product is impossible. The combination of microbes, and the environment in which they colonize, are proprietary, all natural, and non-toxic. Independent laboratory tests confirm that the XtremoplexTM product is non-toxic and not harmful to organisms. Bacteriological and toxicology testing confirm the product is safe for consumption by plants, animals and humans and is not harmful to organics.


Product Applications (Partial List)

All of the following are conditions for which we have observed beneficial results from topical applications of XtremoplexTM and/or XtremoplexTM based products.  All of the applications represent sample sizes of > or equal to 10 users reporting similar efficacy:
Psoriasis (Product: PsoriaplexTM)

  • Topical application twice a day onto lesions.
  • Typically resolves visible symptoms in 2-3 weeks
  • Noticeable improvement observed within two days.

Eczema (Product: EnzadermTM)

  • Topical application twice a day onto lesions.
  • Typically resolves visible symptoms in 2-3 weeks
  • Noticeable improvement observed within two days.

Acne (Product: AcutenzaTM)

  • Noticeable improvement within 12 hours, in some cases, significantly less.
  • Resolution of chronic acne issues within six days with consistent application.

Hair (Products: XtremoplexTM, HydrenzaTM Intensive Hair Repair Serum)

Nails (Product: XtremoplexTM)

It was observed that those who were rubbing XtremoplexTM into their scalps began to report their nails had thickened and hardened.


“Stye” (Hordeolum) (Product: OcutenzaTM)

  • One drop in the/each affected eye achieved resolution overnight.
  • Topical application:
    • Reduced swelling.
    • Reduced some of the pain.
    • Cleared the lesion within 24 hrs.

Crows Feet

(Products: HydrenzaTM Multi-peptide Xtremoplex Serum & Skin Healing Mist)

Discoloration (Sun Spots)


XtremoplexTMHydrenzaTM Multi-peptide Xtremoplex SerumHydrenzaTM Anti-Aging Facial Cream

Gradual remediation and elimination reported within 2 weeks of use.

Scars (Product: XtremoplexTM)

  • Applied by taping a cotton ball soaked with XtremoplexTM to the scar overnight.
  • Observed reduction in size and elevation of scars within 3 days.
  • Some scars reported to take much longer.
  • Observed improvement in stretch marks as well.

Tinea Fungus (“athletes’ foot”, “jock itch” etc.) (Product: TineaplexTM)

  • Associated discomfort relieved after first application.
  • Propagation of Tinea fungus halted after the first application.
  • Resolution reported within 10 days of twice daily application.
  • Resolution of subungual fungal infections with extended application.